Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plans for the day/week.

Wrap the presents I got for Beaver's birthday (November 1st) and start the stuffed horse I am making him.  If the dpn's I ordered don't come in soon for his gloves I will have to buy some elsewhere. 

buy a zipper for Mouse's sweater and piece it together.

Wash comforter and hang on the line.

Prep model for mother v. son competition and paint it for Oct 29th.

Clean house and fold laundry.

Make bread.

Finish nightgown for Badger - made one for Butterfly yesterday.

Finalize crafting plans for Christmas presents and work fingers off.  I really want to make almost all gifts for everyone this year, partially it is money saving thing, but only partially. 

Clean front porch and build wool cabinet. 

Spin, spin, spin... This counts toward Christmas crafting as I am planning on given several knitters in family homespun and dyed yarn. (Total excuse) and get wheel working without child labor (doubt this will happen.)

Put the garden to bed.

I better stop planning now and get to work.

One happy thought for the day - the last afghan my grandma sent us hanging on the line yesterday. 


  1. buisy buisy, hope you get lots done:)

  2. I still don't know how you do it all!

  3. Karen, thanks!

    Emily, short scary bursts of work surrounded by cuddles.

    My needles came in! Washed comforter, hung on line forgot to bring in. Bread made. model half prepped. night gown done but needs some lace as neck hole is a bit too big. Knit most of a scarf.

  4. Hope model prep is going well. A really nice touch I saw somewhere was tying skeins of wool with ribbon, makes it seem even more special ;)

  5. Model prep is going well, I think one of the biggest things I have learned is he needs more and better paint and smaller brushes.

    That is a great idea!