Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yarn along - the start of Beaver's gloves

Having a great love of knitting and reading what could be better than a yarn along with wonderful artisans from all over the world. Nothing.  So head on over to Small Things and check out what Ginny and everyone are working on.

 There they are the much awaited double pointed needles from my local yarn shop - Beading Heart Studios - just when I was about to give up and find any needles from anywhere, they arrived.  I am hoping I will be able to get the fingerless gloves Beaver wants for this birthday (Nov. 1st) done in time but he has been warned it may only be one on-time.  I have never done gloves or worked on dpn for any length of time, a few rows here and there but knitting while holding a porcupine is something I have avoided.  I took these pictures last night then knit for an hour on the gloves - less than an inch - and 3 while gaming, talking and eating on the scarf (below) so it is almost done.

I am reading The Natural Knitter, it is interesting with some information on fibers, history, farming mixed in among the patterns.  I finished American Terrior this week and read Green Knitting which was very interesting with about 6 patterns I wanted to make in it.  When I have time....

 Quickie knit scarf for my cousin's nearly 3 year old daughter for Christmas.  Left over yarn from Cowl below.  This is on 17's and mostly done this morning.
Cowl for Jim's cousin for Christmas, she is 13 and I plan on making one for each of her sisters (different colors) and tucking a matching nail polish in the package.  This was done on the loom and finished in like 4 hours total, it still needs some blocking and tail tucking. 


  1. How nice to have some handmade Christmas projects done. A beautiful color. THank you for sharing about the book.

  2. Such pretty yarns! I know you'll get those fingerless gloves done in time.

  3. Emily,
    I sure am going to try. I am knitting for most of the day today - with time out to do course work after lunch.

  4. Plain & Joyful,
    I am trying to make all my Christmas presents this year so I still have a ways to go, but getting each thing done is a joy. You are welcome.

  5. I love the color you used for the cowl and scarf. Beautiful!

  6. Chunky knits for little girls are so satisfying, aren't they?

  7. Jenletts,

    They sure are! Fast and soft.

  8. Hope you get the fingerless gloves done on time. We have a birthday in our house coming up on Nov 2nd, but the birthday girl didn't want any knitting, so I'm off the hook. Love that book - such beautiful photos and great information.

  9. Ellen,
    It's not going to happen. I am mostly done with the first one and they are way, way too big!