Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yarn along - sweater and baby blanket.

Thanks to Ginny At Small Things for hosting the yarn along!

This week I finished the chicken for my niece.  Then started a baby blanket for my husband's cousin, using up leftover baby yarn, I had a lot of yellow, a tiny bit of pink and some purple. So I decided I would garter stitch a strand of yellow with a strand of first pink then when I ran out purple and plan to get blue and green (and more yellow) for a rainbow shimmer effect.  The pink looks pretty the purple mixed with yellow looks odd. Hopefully, when I add more colors that will fade.  I have another baby blanket to do after this but I am thinking of trying a brightly colored sock yarn pattern ideas welcome! 

I also picked back up the sweater for Butterfly's birthday, I have until October 9th to finish it.  It is going faster, I am knitting faster in general.  Thanks ladies!  I have been knitting on larger needles for a while now so it is weird and too tight to be knitting on size 6's with yarn that specifies size 9.  The sweater is tightly knit on purpose though and looks nice. The green sweater in the book is what the sweater will look like.

I am reading more in the Amelia Peabody Series by Elizabeth Peters.  Soon classes resume and I plan to only read non-fiction during the term - much easier to put down.  We will see if that actually works!


  1. Dear Julia,
    Wow what a great amount of knitting you are able to do.
    I am amazed by it. I do love colourful yarn too.
    Have a lbessed week

  2. The colors and rainbow shimmer sound happy for your baby blanket.

    I have been reading a lot of fiction and plan to pick up some non-fiction too.

  3. Butterfly is a 10/9 baby? So is Chase!

    I can't wait to see the baby blanket. Your description is enticing.

  4. Like the blanket idea - look forward to seeing the other colours.
    Enjoy your reading.