Monday, August 29, 2011

Surprise trip

Sunlight reflecting on the Tidal Basin on the walk to the Jefferson Monument

Capitol Building on the first night.

Julia's kitchen.

The door the the Smithsonian Castle.

The feeling in the Lincoln monument is amazing.

The monuments are amazing.
Every year my husband and I trade off planning our anniversary, this year was my husband's turn.  He had to travel for work a lot last year and ended up will a flight voucher and lots of hotel reward points.  He asked me what I would like to do and I told him I would like to go to museums or go hiking.  We decided to keep the destination a secret from me, until we got to the connecting flight.  He had gotten us a hotel one block from the Smithsonian.  We stayed for a long weekend touring museums and visiting national monuments.  He picked the best possible destination he could have chosen, yet not one I would have thought of.  I love him, and love the fact that the person who is supposed to know me better than anyone in the world, not only does but knows me better than I know myself.   

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