Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday season.

It has begun, Birthday season! My four kids', one of my nieces', my mother's, and my birthday are between August 31 and November 27.  Tomorrow my little Badger turns 3.  We had her party on Saturday.  Just family and close friends but that meant that we had more than ten children running about the house!  I stayed up most of the night before making a Dora cake in fondant - I'll rephrase - a mutant Dora cake!  I was horrified, Badger thought it was great, except the Boots I drew in frosting and fondant next to her was too small.  I really think she just likes him!  Then I got the crazy idea that I needed to make a sweater for her doll that matched the sweater I made for her.  I got this idea at 12:30 in the morning.  I got to bed after three and the doll now named Monkey looks good in her purple and pink sweater. She loved her knitted owl, hugged it right away and said thank you mommie.  A dear friend gave her a felted Totoro, which is so cute, but she has only seen the Anime once so she does not know him.  Time to fix that, maybe the library will have a copy.

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  1. Happy birthday to the Badger!

    Isn't funny about things we make for others? We notice the imperfections, and kids especially, see right past them.

    And I have done what you have (deciding at the last minute, something extra is needed). We're crazy Momma's!

    Good luck with birthday season!