Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello again and Yarn along.

I have been away awhile, in part due to being busy and in part due to being exhausted and heart-sore.  Garfield Farm Museum Dig, RA-ing the Field School, a trip to Colorado, my cousin's wedding, grandma going from being the healthiest strongest woman I have ever met to being in hospice in slightly longer than a month. I am feeling broken and tired and lost and confused.  I will write about all of these events and try to work out everything they brought into my life, how they where a discovery making me stronger and weaker, less and more, but that is for later. 

Today I am craving normal, so I am doing what I do on Wednesday and joining Ginny at small things.

I am reading everything in sight, part escapism part sanity.  This week has been two Kim Harrison novels, The Good, The Bad and the Undead and Every Which Way but Dead, Linda Howard's Kiss and Tell, Heather Graham's Killing Kelley and Elizabeth Peters' The Curse of the Pharaoh. 

Knitting wise I have been working on the little owl awhile but only a little at a time, suddenly it all came together and I finish this weekend.  It will be for Badger's birthday. About once a month, I host all the crafty types in our circle of friend over to the host, everyone works on whatever they want and we chat, inspire each other and get projects done.  I started in on this little frog for Mouse, he chose the colors, for his birthday.  Butterfly wants a pink pig - must remember to buy pink yarn - and Beaver wants a horse. The pattern book does not have a horse pattern but we both think that changing a few things on the skunk will result in a horse. 

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  1. Welcome back!

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Sending her peaceful thoughts.

    Your knitted creations are adorable!