Monday, June 4, 2012

Old world with friends

Friday, the boys had school, so the girls and I went to play and visit with a friend and her children who where missing a field trip to come with us to Old World Wisconsin.  We both bought memberships so we can go back anytime we want and are planning a trip with husbands and the boys who missed out soon.

It it a living history museum with a lot of land and houses/buildings that have been saved from across the state and moved here to help interpret different time periods and ethnic backgrounds within the state's history.  We spent a long time just walking and enjoying the beautiful day. 

Here are some photos of our day.

Part of a fence line.
Seems like this is right out of a story book.
Beautiful Garden outside on of the buildings.
All five children sitting in Raspberry school.  It made me want to homeschool.
Loom and wool.
Wool and chest (there was wool everywhere in this area)
The children were fascinated by this guy.
Older children racing ahead all day!
A tired Badger holding my hand.  Mommie look I am playing with my shadow.
The same garden as above from a different view.
Reminds me of little red riding hood.

Interesting moss during our walk on the woodland trail.
Pretty scene outside the dairy farm
Did I mention racing ahead?
I had two very tired out girls by the end of the day.

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