Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a bit of this and that

I am still recovering from pushing my body too far with tilting and other yard work this weekend.  I want desperately to be tilting up the rest and planting everything, but my back has other plans.  So with the idea of trusting my body and listening to it more I am not gardening. 

I am working on two crochet - did I mention I am learning to crochet! you'll see them tomorrow - projects. I started cutting out a prairie dress for Butterfly and Badger but... the fabric for Badger ran out!  grr... and I thought I had enough muslin to line the bodices but the piece I found I could not tell if I pre-washed it or not.  I don't always for quilts and this was a backing end, so in to the machine it went along with material to make another (lighter weight) dress for me.  I am hoping to assembly line the girls' dresses and get mine and a dress shirt finished by next weekend. Badger's dress is green and tan plaid and I am trying to decide if I should make the sleeves out of plain green or a tan background floral.  Both look pretty. 

I made a one jar batch of strawberry jam yesterday as the tiny little berries we got at the farmer's market were looking a bit sad.  I would have gotten 2 jars but while the boys and I were at 4h, Jim and the girls had some of the macerating strawberries as ice cream topping. I had a little that would not fit in the jar on some ice cream myself and it was awesome. I used Marisa of Food in Jars recipe for strawberry vanilla jam, cutting it to fit the amount of strawberries I had. Today, I did nearly the same thing with leftover blueberries and grapes, no vanilla though, and got one and a half jars.

Butterfly dancing to the music.

I think (hope) it was a bug and not a wad of used gum on that rock, being studied so intently by Badger and Mouse.

Farmer's market is right by the river, we had cookies while resting from our shopping adventures.

There is a bird fishing on the opposite shore I promise.
We got Coffee, kettle corn, cookies, tiny strawberries, radishes, raw honey, and a basket made in Ghana by a widow's fair trade co-op. It is my new knitting/crocheting/drop spinning take along basket. You'll see it tomorrow too.

Hope your day is full of fun and projects, I am off to vote and pick up the boys from school. ~ Julia


  1. We got strawberries last week at our farmer's market. It's interesting to see how much of a price variance there was from booth to booth!

    The local place we picked at last year is saying they'll be picked out by this weekend. This past winter did a lot of people in.

    I love farmer's market time!

  2. There was a lot of variance here too, I think we ended up buying at the highest stand but her location was off to one end and they were getting less traffic. Her berries were the super tiny kind that just smell so strawberry-ie!

    I really should take the kids picking this year, what a great idea!