Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wooly wednesday! a new plan

recently I gave up... not spinning, but my wheel.  It is just too touchy and too poorly constructed (craftsman's wheel.) I came to this realization at Garfield Farm Museum demonstrating spinning and getting from sheep to yarn. I brought my wheel down hoping it would behave, being a realist I also brought my drop spindle.  I have only spun on it this year. I was not proven wrong. The pin came out again. The wheel refused to do anything but look pretty. I did let some kids play at treadling. 

Next to me was a neat lady from  Esther's place fibers she had me try her wheel - a matchless - to say I fell in love would not be putting too fine a point on it. I am going down near her this weekend and hopefully buying a ladybug.

 Not as useful for demonstrating historically but I had to decide if I want to interpret or spin more and it is spinning!  I will have my father and friend try to fix my wheel so I can use it for reenacting but I want to spin, and spin a lot.

 Singles I spun on the drop spindle at the event.  I will ply this and knit it up as example to go with the sheep to sweater talk.
 Single I spun on the matchless while demo-ing and watching her booth for her.  She ran to take lunch and let me with her booth and wheel.  I sold a bit for her so I hope it was worth it.
Some wool she and her daughter dyed, I can't wait to try it out. 

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  1. How exciting to be getting a new wheel soon.
    Like many other things, good working tools are important in spinning so I can understand your decision, repairing your other wheel for events is a great idea too.

    Look forward to seeing your new wheel and the beautiful yarns you will produce together x

  2. There will be no stopping you with a new wheel! Look forward to seeing the results of your new wheel.

  3. It will be very interesting to read about your adventures with Ladybug.

  4. Very cool about the new wheel! Your new friend there has some beautiful yarn!

  5. One more day, I am running away from the dig tomorrow to try it out. I am so excited!!!! Emily, she sure does. I met the mom and she was such a warm, friendly woman, I can't imagine buying from someone else!

  6. oh so exciting! love the new wheel smell. that roving is gorgeous by the way

  7. I really like the white yarn, and the reenacting sounds fun.