Friday, June 8, 2012

a long drive home

Beaver took these for me as we drove, finally, home yesterday.  The sunset was more beautiful than it appears but try though we might, we could not get it to come through any better.  This is a common game for us, the one spot on the drive convincing us to get out the camera, with the remaining drive foiling us with trees and hills.  It really is a lovely drive under an amazing sky.

I worked in the field - back at the trade post site - the last two days.  Worked is a bit strong despite blisters and sunburn as the guys I am working with make it all day raze each other and laugh-a-thon.  Have not really found much yet but even given the limited amount of work we want to accomplish it is early days.  We are clearing a 50cm by 2 meter trench currently.  Olive glass, a flake, flow mulberry, and a plastic face (piece of a saint icon) are the notable items so far.

Off to Garfield to dig with their program in the morning.  

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