Thursday, May 31, 2012

Imagine my surprise

To open a favorite blog of mine and find a picture of myself!  Midlife Farmwife has a wonderful, funny blog about her adventures raising Red Wattle pigs, making soap, and standing up for what she believes in. I have met her twice now, but only rarely do I comment on her posts, so imagine my surprise to find myself in three pictures on her blog.  I was demonstrating washing and spinning wool at Garfield Farm Museum and she was selling soap and educating people about her rare breed. So head on over and see! Her soap is amazing too.

For me the highlights of the day - it was the day after the wedding and I was exhausted - were hanging out with an old friend, being on the farm, and meeting Donna of Esther's place fibers who happened to be setting up in the same barn I we were.  She was amazingly friendly and let me try out her wheel (mine was once again not working so I was demonstrating on a drop spindle and explaining how the wheel worked) I fell in love and hopefully will soon be buying a new wheel. And of course my it almost seems like I should eat it it smells so good bar of soap!

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