Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yarn along - red fall dreams

Joining in with the yarn along at Small Things.

I just finished reading Heather Graham's The Uninvited. It was a murder mystery with a bit of ghosts and romance.  Set in a revolutionary war house turned museum, of course I enjoyed the descriptions and history thrown in, but I think that the underlying message, that our heroes were people, with good intentions and human failings, is a very important thing to remember.  It is part of the Krewe of Hunters series but it is not very necessary to read the series in order. Not sure what I will be reading next, but looking for something to take up north with me this Friday.

I received the red skein on the right as a door prize at the Crafter's Retreat I went on.  It is Kraemer brand, part cotton part acrylic, a bit split-y but feels nice and looks good.  I am whipping through a scarf for my cousin's husband for Christmas.  I am beginning to doubt the skein will be enough... fingers crossed.  It is knit lengthwise alternating garter and stockinette about every 4 rows. The other project started as something to keep my hands busy at my mom's one day.  I raided her stash for a not-designated-to-a-project-yet yarn and started a shawl, it is two stranded done in yarn over knit two together eyelet.  I -of course- ran out of the yarn I snagged from mom.  My grandpa boxed a bunch of my Nonnie's yarn up and sent it to me - some whole skeins, some bits and balls. One was four tiny balls of a matching red with silver bits in it.  I am using that currently (you can sort of see on the very edge of the photo) Then we'll see what I add next. This is all acrylic and I plan to match too that at least for washablity.

I finished the green/blue baby blanket and mailed it off to my cousin.  Hopefully, they get lots of use out of it.  It really was so soft!

I look forward to seeing what everyone is working on and reading! ~ Julia

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