Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fair days

 Doll blanket I made from scraps, entered into the fair, got forth place.

Dress I beaded for the Hand stitchery challenge, I did not place, the other ladies work was lovely and mostly embroidery.  I am thinking I went in the wrong direction for the challenge, Butterfly, however loves it! 

 Above is my husband's old beat up ripped t-shirt.  I turned it into this dress for Butterfly and took forth place in the recycling category.
 Close up of the flower.  I followed instructions I found online, I will link if I remember which one I used.
 My family has camped for the whole fair since well before I was born.  Here is Badger & me having breakfast.  I actually was at the fair when I went into labor for her!
My friend with the steampunk wedding entered her dress and won her category.  I really feel like I learned a lot during the judging and look forward to sewing more.

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