Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wool washing

 After much frustration I have figured out why my wool was not getting clean, it had nothing to do with how hot I had the water, and everything to do with the hardness of my water.  After more research I have found that tide works great at counteracting the minerals in my water and allowing me to end up with clean wool. Here is my set up, I meant that second tub to be a rinsing tub, but it was cracked so I will be adding more holes and making it a draining tub and adding a rinsing tub.  Other lessons include, do not let Beaver take a shower while you are doing this or you will have no hot water and...
This is the best way the girls can help.  They ended up playing in the water that spilled and had been playing in the dirt. I hosed Butterfly off and sent her in for a bath, Badger very cutely asked me to dump the bucket on her toy to wash them... it was a trick and soon she was rolling in my muddy wet driveway. Super cute.
This used to be a green house but works nicely as a drying station.  After it was done dripping, I brought it into the porch and ran a fan at it.  It was nearly dry the next morning. The wool is East Fresian/Poly cross.

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