Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yarn along - Anthro style

Joining in with Ginny and the Yarn Along, I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is reading and working on.

Teddy and the sweater of doom.  I was helping out at the student organization fair today.  The theme of this event was Ugly Sweater. So I took a broken sweater and added all sorts of yarn about ten different needles and whatever random yarn I could find.  I was hoping it would be a collaborative knit, nope.  I am thinking of keeping it like this for a while.  I also had a presentation of the culture and change in the knitting community and how knitting in public, knit ins, and yarn along are bringing women from all over the word together.  No one really watched it as it was running on the other girls' laptop, but oh well.  I also spun yarn on a drop spindle and that did get attention.  I had a great day. 

I am reading course material and did not get pictures. Maybe for next week.  Lots of Tyler, Spencer and Marx, with museum work reading and some new blogs (to me anyway) on Anthropology.  I knit while reading for hours this weekend and finished:

I am still not sure I like it, in some lights it looks pretty and shimmery and in others it looks a bit sick.  New Baby blanket for next week. 


  1. I only had a chance once to use a drop spindle, and I have often thought how my boys would love to use one- fascinating to watch, even! Delighted you had a great day- days like that are endlessly fascinating: talking to people from all walks of life... The baby blanket looks just right: they SHOULD be soft and sweet-coloured!

    1. Emily,
      The first few times I tried it, it was really hard! After fighting with my wheel, for a year, it spun like a dream. I may be pestering my Dad for a few more. He made this one and the ones for my Mom and sister over night once, so it should not be that bad.

  2. I think the baby blanket is great! It's too bad your presentation was as appreciated as it should have been.

    Everyone is working on drop spindles, I need to try again (especially since I am in serious dislike with my spinning wheel right now). Wish you were closer -- we could knit and spin together!

    1. I really found it much more relaxing than my wheel today. I think in between Tylor and Marx today I will ply it and see how much I have.

      That would be a lot of fun!