Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morning and here I am.

I woke up on Friday with a quarter sized blister on my right breast seam.  I had reduction surgery about 8 years ago and the scars are really bad on that side. They itch all the time.  I found the blister by absent-mindedly scratching my side as I looked for clothes to wear. A gush of clear liquid and a trip to a mirror sounded me the remains of a really large blister.  Why it was there I have no idea.  I had my husband take a look to see if he could see a cause - nope. Then slapped a large band aide on it.  I did not wear a bra all day not wanting it to be rubbed at but other than that I ignored it. 

Saturday I took a odd shower - the cold water is out in my bathroom so the water was too hot to stand under. So it was quick and I did not get very wet!  I changed the band aide and found an old soft bra to wear to the baby shower.  I have a cold so I did not think much of not feeling great.  We had a lovely time at the shower, the kids play lego with cousins they rarely see.  I patched some pants for Mouse and turned a pair that were too small into a skirt for Butterfly.  I was tired and went to bed early.

Sunday I had to read at mass or I would have skipped church, no real complaint just stuffy and tired. After church I did some knitting while watching tv under a blanket which quickly turned into a semi-nap with a tired Butterfly.  I really started to feel awful and hurt on my right side.  I went to go change and take a look.  Red lines running from the edge up over my breast, my bra was soaked, the blister site was raw and red but kind of black in the center.  I cleaned it up and put on a new band aide.  Beaver has an appointment at the family doctor today.  I am going to have the doctor take a look.  I still have no clue what caused this. 

I am hoping to get the house picked up a bit and run errands.  Next week classes start and I really won't have much time. 


  1. Without sounding alarmist - and stating the obvious - please get this looked at as soon as possible! I cannot emphasise that enough! Good luck and keep us informed!

  2. Oh Julia! This doesn't sound like a blister, it sounds like a bite. Please let us know how you are doing. This worries me a lot.

  3. Carpedyeum & Emily,

    I saw the doctor. He was upset, but we can't think of a cause. He said the infection is cellulitus (which seems to mean infection on or in the skin) and wants me on antibiotics for a week, with more drastic action if there is not improvement. Unfortunately his nurse was training a new person and forgot to call in the prescription. By the time I got to the pharmacy the doctor's office was closed and they don't open until noon tomorrow, so I have to wait. It is obviously worse from this afternoon, so I am not happy about that. He sees Mouse and Butterfly on Monday for their checkups so he will see me regardless.

  4. Thank you for letting us know the progress! I have been thinking about you today. Hope the anti-biotics do the trick!!

  5. Goodness! I hope it clears up easily for you.