Monday, January 16, 2012

Updates and stash busting.

The antibiotic seems to be working fine at healing up my sinus cold, and gang busters at making feel utterly horrible - ill and dizzy.  However, the blister - aka open wound - is still draining and about half my right breast is purple. (Backstory here) I saw the doctor again today and he has added two more antibiotics.  He also mentioned the possibility of a biopsy in the future.  Hopefully, the additional antibiotics will end this whatever it is and not make me too much more sick as classes start tomorrow.

Stash busting:
One of the main things I end up storing in my craft room, certain I will turn them into something, is old kids clothing.  I cut a bunch of stained up clothes into stripes and braided them about a year ago.  I was planning on making a braided rug.  I got it out last week and was going to stitch it together when I found it was way too hard to push a needle through.  A quick google search showed me I had done it the hard way.  I thought Ok, I finish what I have started then start a new one using the instructions for a toothbrush rag rug. (Sorry I did not save the link) Butterfly took one end of the braid and stretched it out full length.  I had like 300 yards. Then she said "Mommie I broke it."  The braid un-wound at random placed through out the whole length.  I had joined each new strip wrong!!! I un-braided the whole thing and set it up to do the tooth brush method.  Here are my balls.  The white braid is attached and braided correctly so I am going to do a machine sewing style one with that.  Hopefully it will be big enough to serve as a bath rug.

 I turned a too small pair of Mouse's pants into a skirt with the addition of some flannel floral material that I bought about two years ago as a remnant.  I really can't resist them.

In process of turning a too short pair of Badger's pants into a skirt, unfortunately, I trimmed a bit too much so I will have to alter it further before she can wear it.

I really have not gotten much done as I was feeling so lousy but I am working on it.    Check in on the other ladies stash busting with Crunchy Catholic Momma


  1. gosh I hope your blister gets better soon, it sounds so sore:( good luck with your rag rug. I was reading back on your posts just now and I agree how sad it is that so much good food goes to waste. I often choose to buy the less attractive fruit etc because I know it taste just as nice and might otherwise be thrown out

    1. Thank you, Karen. I read this cookbook a few years ago on depression era recipes, it had all sorts of stories that people remembered. One was a woman who's grandma would reuse a piece of salt park over and over to give soup the flavor of having meat in it, she even talked about lending it out to other families. We have set such high standards.