Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday musings...

Joining Nadja at Patch o Dirt Farm this morning...

Right Now... it's 9:57.  The boys are at school.  Mouse is 7 today!  The girls are still asleep - we had a big weekend but this is weird.  the dishes are going.  Jim is working after taking vacation last week.  The house is quiet.

This Weekend... was crazy busy.  Friday, Beaver had two friends over to celebrate, belatedly, his birthday.  I had a ton of work for my class.  Normally the readings take a few hours and the work takes between 1-3, this week I read for 4 days straight.  Knit like crazy while reading too. 

Saturday morning was the parents meeting for the US Junior Scale Modeling Team.  We met at a authentic french cafe about 30 minutes from my house.  I suspect being so frazzled by finding a place to park that you order anything is authentic all busy cities.  I should have taken a picture of the pastry case.  I had a Praline Dacquosie and it was good, however, as I make all the parts that go into it at home, I should have ordered something I did not know how to make.  The upside is I am making it right at home.   The meeting went well, Nathaniel is not doing well enough at school to meet the team requirements, but they believe in him and have offered to help as needed.  Just have to pull his grades up and restore his self confidence.

Saturday afternoon, I had crafting circle at my house.  Two dear old friend's and their kids came.  We had a lovely visit, which is good as one really needs her life back (leaving an abusive relationship) Then we had game night (everyone plays board games) and two more friends came, these guys we used to see all the time and I have missed dearly.  Hopefully we will see more on them in the future. 

Sunday I skipped church as I still had so much work to do.  Felt bad but Mouse's birthday started at 3 and my homework was due at 5.  I finished, cake, party prep, and homework at 3:45.  He had a great time. 

I got all but 4 things I set out to do this weekend done.  One I finished after everyone left for the night.

Some plans for the week...  Try to clean out one kitchen drawer, at least one, if I get crazy one a day.  Mid-term I missed while out west for the funeral.  Christmas crafting, lots of Christmas crafting.  Talk to adviser about next semester. Costuming project for Garfield Farm Museum.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...  figure out the project Gutenberg thing for my nook so I can read more cheaply.

I am grateful for... my seven year old.  My husband.  Sleepy cuddles. 

Some prayerful intentions this week... several friends need some prayers.  I want to focus on being in the moment more, living this time not what happened a year ago or is going to happen next, and not being so focused on getting this thing done, then the next thing done.  More on being. 

Some things that make me smile...  Sleeping children with their heads under the blanket but their toes sticking out, just begging to be tickled.

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