Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Musings....

Back to routine if I can find some.

Right now... I am drinking cold tea, smelling dinner - roast chicken and veggies - and getting hungrier by the minute.  Badger is crashed out on the couch so I will not be sleeping tonight.  The other are playing legos nicely. 

This weekend... I went up north to the house up there with my dad, 6 hour drive, we stayed in a tiny little motel that is run by a very nice older gentleman.  We had a nice drive, dinner at Chili's and breakfast at the little cafe in St. Germain that has a wolf theme and awesome food.  Then we drove to the house, two large trees are blocking the drive.  My aunt and uncle met us there.  The house is worse, but given that it was poorly built, maintained worse and no one has lived in it or done anything to it in 7 years that is not surprising.  A Realtor looked at it in case they decide to sell - and stated firmly that the house is a lost the value is in the property - which my aunt needed to hear.  Dad is still hoping a miracle will solve his problems and he will be able to buy my aunt out without having to do any thing for achieve that.  We went through everything taking most of the items that would be ruined by staying or that people wanted and could get into their car.  Several steps forward and all civilly!  I did not get home until 11 but it was worth it to be productive. Sunday, I cuddled my family then went to the Garfield Farm Museum Volunteer dinner.  great time.  I got situated with my next two (or more) projects.  Will post about that later in detail.

Some plans for the week...  Visiting a dear friend at the woman's shelter she is living at.  I am so proud of her for leaving her abusive husband.  She did it months ago but only told me today.  She's offering me some advice on my newest sewing project for the museum.  I also need to do some basic housecleaning and finish up Mouse's birthday presents - I want to make him a sewing kit - his party is Sunday.  Because of the timing of my grandma's death Beaver is having a few friends to sleep over this Friday so hounding him to clean his room is also on the agenda.

If I find some time for myself, I'd like to... sleep as that is all the time I expect to find in the next few weeks.

I am grateful for... My husband, who sometimes manages to tell me what I need to hear even when I don't want too and who will never try to hurt me.  My kids for throwing themselves at cuddling mommie time.  My Dad, even when I am mad at him, he is a good man.  My friends for taking frantic venting phone calls from me.  My cousins for being there when I needed them most, even if there was on the phone. 

Some special prayerful intentions this week...  In addition to praying for friends and family, I am going to pray for calm and peace, for everyone to try to understand their feelings before speaking and before judging.

Something that makes me smile... Being home, just that.

Thanks Nadja at Patch of Dirt Farm for hosting the musings.

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