Monday, November 21, 2011

The Garfield Project

At least the current one.  As part of my internship, I will be helping at there Candlelight event, doing hearth cooking demonstrations.  I need to be in costume for the period of the museum's interpretation 1841 to 1853.  I have a dress sample from them to work from and a pattern, they also gave me material to work with.  The material is in no way what they were telling me it needed to be and does not correspond to my own research.  The pattern is period correct, but very much an old fashioned pattern and written from studying a dress.  The dress sample has a lot of alterations from the pattern that remove the authenticity, but do help to aide in understanding the construction.    After I finish the one with their material, I plan to make a corset and a second dress.  I also want to help them but writing the directions out and marking the pattern out for people sized people.