Thursday, February 28, 2013

A walk with Mouse.

For the first half of the year I walked Mouse to school everyday. Most days I would walk to pick him up. When Butterfly started violin lessons I started picking Mouse up less, sending Beaver to get him, so that I could take Butterfly to her lessons, it became a habit.  When I got so sick in December, I started driving him to school, not wanting to get chilled when I was sick, this also became habit.

Yesterday, we had so much snow dumped on us, but no more expected and the road crews were trying hard to clean everything up. Schools in our community did not close while most of the rest of this corner of the state did. I got the van briefly stuck while dropping off Butterfly (they currently go to separate school, Badger was accepted to Butterfly's school for next year, but Mouse is still on the wait list - fingers crossed) so I decided to walk Mouse to school. We trudged through the knee deep - on him - snow, chanting SNOW, Snow, SNOW, hand in hand.

This morning I expected to drive him, he expected our walk. I said, ok but we have to hurry. We got out side and his gloved hand slipped into mine, "I've missed our time and our walks, Momma."  So have I baby. Off to school we walked. On our walk we saw some interesting footprints.
Two different sizes of dog.

I think this is the woodchuck that is living in the culvert at the end of our driveway.
Bunny Rabbit.
This is evidence of Mouse and me.

 I walked to pick him up too. 

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