Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yarn along - is that light

Joining Ginny at Small Things for the Yarn Along

 I am in an Anne McCaffrey mood I guess, I love how detailed and rich her stories are. How in one story some little or big thing is referred to or reacted to and then in another book you see that event from a different perspective or as a great event.  This week is The Dragonriders series.

On the knitting front I spent a great deal of time knitting and watching syfy channel destroying the earth in various silly ways. I am now above the armpit and no longer knitting a rectangle. I can see light at the end of this tunnel. I really am enjoying the texture and the look of this project but as the Mouse just hit a growth spurt, I am beginning to wonder if I will get it done while it still fits him!

I have not done one yet so here goes. In hopes of spring knits I have made up these knitting stitch markers. They are sets of three with one being coordinating rather than matching.
Set one

Set two

Set three. 

 So here is how to enter.
Comment on this post for one entry.
Follow the blog for a second entry.

I will be selecting the winner randomly next Tuesday and posting it on the Next Yarn Along!  Good luck.

These are my roses, they are hoping for spring too!  ~ Julia


  1. I, too, am hoping for spring! Your stitch markers are very nice!

    I have never read Anne McCaffrey, I must look into her now. (It's rare to find a fantasy book that I haven't at least tried!)

    1. She has many, many books, so welcome to the worlds ahead!

  2. Oh, Pern. I'd like to go there once. But as you say, McCaffrey has a way with words, so that you feel you have been there.
    I so hope you win the sweter race: knitting done before child is too big. I lost the one time I tried it, but luckily it was with my first child ;)

    1. I came up for air the other day to find everyone talking about a huge storm heading our way, and in all seriousness replied ... but it is not snowing in Pern!

  3. Your book looks like the kind of SciFi I get at my little library. Think I'm the only one who ever takes them out in the fresh air! Love the stitch holders. Since retiring I've picked up my needles and finally taught myself socks.

    1. Those who grab only the shiny new books miss so very much! I did my first socks this winter! I am looking forward to making more. Maybe even for myself!

  4. Wonderful stitch markers! I haven't read a good SciFi in forever! May need to go check out what my local library has!

  5. Thank you, they were fun to make. My Mother came to visit last week. She sat and strung beads for a crochet project, while I made the markers and the kids watched Scooby-Doo. I am glad that I seem to be encouraging people to go to their libraries!