Wednesday, February 13, 2013

been so long

 Life has been racing by so here is a view from my car window - Beaver took the shot - as we drove down to grandma's.  I recent weeks so much has been amazing, tiring, inspiring, disappointing, joyous, and draining. I did not lose my voice but spent a long time thinking about what this space brings to my life.  During that I thought about the great wide blogosphere version of you and also the individual you - who I view as a friend. I find myself recommitting to a lot of projects and programs, hopefully this time I took for myself and my family will allow me to return to them refreshed and re-energized. I did a two fauna analysis workshop that reaffirmed my scientist's  heart followed immediately by a three day crafting retreat.  I love both and aside from a brief moment of panic looking at the bone thinking - you want me to add glitter? - and an acknowledged tendency to be as concerned with the planning and system producing the art than the art, I found my balance again.  I am looking into taking the master spinner course from Olds College - next year - and plan to dedicate more time to crafting and perhaps begin to sell some of my stuff - advice would be most welcome.

 These are coddled eggs.  Milk, cream, spices, bacon if you have some, and eggs. Baked in the oven. This, some toast and a cup of tea can make you believe anything is possible. I got sick over all of December and accidentally gave up caffeine and soda. My husband had read that some people with bright red bumpy checks like mine saw improvement from cutting caffeine from their diet. When he told me that I laughed - never gonna happen - but since I had already started... So it has been 9 weeks now.  I honestly did not really think it was working, maybe a little less bumpy, and truthfully I did not want it to work. I have had 2 decaf cappucinos with no problems in that time, but when I got a large cup of decaf coffee (loved it), later that night I had a red bump raise on my cheek and it hurt so badly. I suddenly realized that the change had not removed the redness but I had no bumps and no pain other than this one spot. So what started as an experiment seems to be staying. Soda tastes weird and I have no desire to go back to that - aside from it's convenience - but I truly miss my coffee.  Decaf chai is good but not the same. I also suspect that it is something in coffee that I am having trouble with, not necessarily caffeine, but I think I give my body a rest before testing that theory.
 Current knitting project.  One of the disappointing things is that my crafting store will be closing. She has been struggling for a while now, and while she is an amazing crafter and one of those people that naturally works well with people, her business skills needed help. Worry and stress have driven her under and I truly believe she is making the best decision for her family, but it is a loss to my community and to me. She is hoping to run beading, knitting, and spinning parties from her home for extra income, as she can't legally open a shop there.  I hope it works.

 Please excuse the terrible picture I will try again in better light. I have been spinning up quite a lot.
This is wool from the Sheep Shed.
 I am working on thinner and thinner yarn. This is polworth and tussah silk.
Black homespun, a strand of mary maxium wool that I strung beads on then plyed together.

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