Friday, March 1, 2013

Stash bash - brown skirt.

linking with Crunchy Momma for the Stash Bash!

I have been wanting to make myself some skirts. Thinking, wanting, planning... but not sewing. I mentioned that I wanted to turn the fabric into something useful to a friend. She said she would love a skirt. Suddenly, having someone to sew for and I am off. I am happy to sew for her, but wonder at myself being unable to start when it was for me... I have promised myself that I will start mine immediately after finishing hers.

I have no real clue when I bought the material or what it was for originally.  I recently cleaned my sewing room and was horrified at the sheer volume of random stuff. I have been saving old/too small/broken clothing to make over into something else. So I really need to actually do it or let go of this stuff. Here is the skirt I have started, the waist band is from a fat quarter and while the casing is done I did not insert the elastic yet.

Today my Butterfly had dress as your favorite story character day at school.  She chose Fancy Nancy - of Course!   She was spinning in circles too fast for me to get a clear picture of her whole outfit, pink Easter dress from two years ago that still fits great and is all tulle and fluffy, pink sweater with lacey front, pink leggings (because her snow pants would not fit over the dress) and a ridiculous amount of hair clips. FANCY!

Hope your projects are going well. ~ Julia


  1. Nothing like a bit of motivation to set your sewing mashine in motion. And yes cleaning and re-organizing that really make you realize the size of your stash. I made the same discovery recently, one of the reasons for me to join Crunchy Catholic Momma's stash bashing.
    Your shirt and Butterfly both looks fancy.

    1. She was so excited that 3 other girls - including her closest friend - were also dressed as Fancy Nancy.