Tuesday, March 12, 2013

thoughts on a tough and amazing week

Mom is back in the hospital. I got home from church to find my phone ringing. Dad had taken her in to er and they were admitting her for a bowel obstruction and she may need surgery.  I got the kids some lunch and even convinced the Badger to take a nap then went down to see her. I brought her phone, hair brush, some throw away magazines, and her crocheting project. She had a NG tube down her nose and was in pain and sick. I stayed for awhile.

Yesterday was the day of the CONCERT. Butterfly (who takes violin lessons) received tickets to a Lindsey Stirling show as a Christmas present. She, Beaver, My parents and I were all to go, have dinner in the city and see the performance. Mom couldn't go and Dad chose to stay with her. Butterfly was crushed, even more when I could not find anyone free to go with us. Then as I am looking up info to take us, I am finding out this is less and less what I was imagining. She had a lovely new (to her) dress to wear blue velvet, lace collar, and plaid skirt, I was in dress clothes and made Beaver put on a dress skirt. UM... it was a standing only rock/violin concert. Lindsey Stirling's performance was magical, amazing, and inventive. Butterfly was in awe. The problems - she did not take the stage until 9pm, we started waiting at 6, there was no were to sit, a lot of people, drinking, and a DJ performing as the opening act who was loud and liked to swear. Basically, I took my 6year old to a rock concert. That said and all the stress it caused it was an amazing experience she will never forget, and I will never forget the joy and awe on her face when Lindsey's version of The phantom of the opera and halfway through bubbles burst from the stage over the audience. (also future event gifts will have mommy research before hand)

Mom's tests are back and the blockage seems to be resolving itself  and the tube is out!  No word yet one when she may be able to come home, this really took a lot out of her and her health is so fragile anyway.

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  1. Whoa...what a week. Being torn in two by the needs of two different generations is no fun-at all.