Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spining and dyeing

For the knitters on my list we dyed yarn using egg dye.  The girls are making a pink and purple yarn we gave to two aunts.

Butterfly Dyeing the yarn Pink.  Everything is pink to her.

My Mom stayed with us for a few days and took this picture of Badger, me and the purple dye.

I promise it looked pretty when it was done. Much more pink than purple, but I have now pictures. We also made two skeins of green and yellow, one for Great grandma and one for my mother.  She was very surprised to open it!

Most of the yarn we dyed was store bought.  But not this skein.  My sister received homespun & home dyed. Beaver helped dye this one, but as it was dry on Christmas day I did not get a picture.  I am hoping to con my sister into taking a picture of the yarn and of whatever she makes and will post it if she does.  

Same yarn soaking in vinegar bath.  We dyed this Blue-green. In the upper left corner is the shawl I made for my Mother in Law, which I also forgot to take a picture of.  
My husband figured out what was wrong with my wheel and I no longer need a second person to hand spin the wheel.  Now I just need to convince my body to move three limbs independently of each other. Sigh.  I'll figure it out.  My Mother & Sister in law went to a spinning store hours from here and got me wool and dye and books on spinning and dyeing.  My nieces got to play with the sheep and alpacas. I am very excited to get started spinning like crazy - I just have to find my studio, I think it is under the Christmas madness.

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