Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yarn along - fingers on a fingerless glove.

Hello everyone, it's Wednesday and I am mostly with it and that means - yarn along at Small Things with Ginny and the rest of the yarn and book loving blog-community.

  Look, look it has fingers!!!  One more and tucking a few tales and the first glove is done.  Actually, it knits fast but requires (or perhaps I require) all my attention on all the little dpns.  Hoping to not get the second sock syndrome on these gloves.

I am reading, How to Knit a Love Story by Rachael Herron.  It was sent to me by Emily from Today I am... It is traveling around the blog world enjoying visits in peoples homes.   

Looking forward to seeing what you are all working on.


  1. Hi Julia! Visiting from Ginny's link-up. I'd never heard of the Cypress Hollow books - I'll have to check them out!

  2. Hello, I am about halfway through now and enjoying the nice little story.

  3. Why hello there! So glad you're enjoying the book so far. It's a fun read. :)

    And yay! fingers! :)

  4. It is very good, pulling me from my coursework a bit too. Only one more week and I am in my last semester.

  5. hi julia, i'm so glad to see the book going on! i'd never read a knitting/romance book before, but knew it would be just perfect for the yarnalong group.
    very nice mitts!