Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Yummy Things

 Getting back into the swing of life here at the MoonBound Home and that means making tasty things. I would show you the finished bread but it was gone before I could take a picture!
 I am trying my hand at fermentation with cool lids my parents got me for Christmas. This will/should be apple cider vinegar when it is done. I have made pineapple vinegar before but not apple so we shall see.
This is something I eat a lot. Basically it is potage. Sort of based on a soup a friend made, hers was very Japanese in style, mine - well sort of. I boil the dickens out of leftover rice, in chicken or beef stock. After the rice has broken down I beat an egg and toss it in then top with green onion and peanuts. The egg thickens the broth. I have been adding other things but always add those things. Lately, I have been cooking onions, mushrooms, and cabbage in with the rice and garlic is especially nice in the beef broth.

Hope you are cooking tasty things!
~ Julia

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