Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Coffee and COE

This is my answer to the death of my coffee maker. It cost 4.99 for the plastic and two bucks for a big box of filters. It takes a bit longer than the pod thing I had before and makes a much stronger cup than I had become used to, but this protest coffee works for me.

I started talking about the Handweaver's Of America's Certificate of Excellence in Hand-spinning, yesterday. I have been wanting to do this for awhile. It is a written and work project with roughly 40 skeins and at least 7 swatches. Your work is reviewed by a panel anonymously. This will be a ton of work but I am really excited.


  1. That's the way we make our coffee as well. It's the new black in coffee making :) and should be hrealthier. We just like out coffee better this way. That just goes to prove that if you continue doing things your way sooner or later you're "in" once again.
    Cool with the CoE, and good luck.

    1. I think I will like the taste much better once I get more used to the difference in strength. Thanks!