Tuesday, October 20, 2015

the me I expected to be

Back when I knew everything, aka when I was a teenager, I had an idea of what adult me would be like. Which flaws, or things I viewed as flaws, of my family and friend's families I would avoid and which things they did I would keep and incorporate into my life. I was very opinionated. Often I was right.

  • I still believe that eating a small amount of a 'real' thing - butter, bacon, Parmesan, etc - was better than eating a lot of junk. 
  • I still believe that freshly baked bread is better tasting and better for you than store bought. 
  • I still believe that cake tastes best not from a box.
  • I still believe that family is the most important people in your world so keeping a pretty house and good dishes should be everyday not just for company.
  • I still believe that a book or radio is better than tv.
  • I still believe that every yard should have a garden and the whole family - kids included - should be responsible for working it.
  • I still believe in meals at the table, made fresh from ingredients. 
  • I still believe that laundry should be done often, not just when you are out of underwear, and it should be dried on the line. 

I still believe a lot of things, but I recently got to thinking about this and my implementation of my beliefs is very spotty. So I am calling myself out.

  • Put down the candy and store bought doughnuts.
  • Bake bread more and not just the one plain white recipe, experiment.
  • Baking the kids a cake, make it real, if it is an everyday cake fruit is better than 7up.
  • Clean up a little everyday - maybe the kids will notice and help. Get out the good dishes. clean your own room rather than just trying to get the kids to pick up their rooms. Show them they are important with more than cuddles, games, and words.
  • Turn off the tv, especially at night. I will often stay up later than I want to not because I am watching something interesting but simply because I am too tired to make a decision for I flip from channel to channel watching bits and pieces of something. 
  • My husband doesn't like to garden, and truthfully I don't like to in the middle either. I love planning, cleaning the garden,  and planting. I really love harvest and processing the fruits and veggies, but that middle bit you know weeding and watering not working harder on that limits my garden greatly. I need to mitigate my response, either by planning a lower maintenance garden or by doing that dreaded middle work.
  • Actually, dinners every night at the table we do, but I'd like to teach the kids family style and table settings.
  • My husband does most of the kids laundry up to a point. That point is folding it. He doesn't. I usually end up waiting until there is a mountain, then being irritated by it. He does a lot of work and I should appreciate more it rather than being worn out by the mountain. Hopefully I can try to keep up instead of catch up and that will help.
Hopefully, I can catch up with my teenage self. Today, when the kids got home we had tea, with scones that were ready and still warm. I always saw myself as the mom who would have everyday tea parties with her kids. They loved it and it got snack-time over quickly too. I am thinking gingerbread for tomorrow.

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