Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yarn along ish

Joining Ginny and the ladies of the yarn along.

Two yarns I spun. The green is Targhee wool in pickle relish colorway, the other is the first self-striping yarn I have made.
No knitting. I have worked on Seal's prayer shawl, but despite it being easy, progress is show. My thumbs are hurting quite a lot and I am only able to do about three rows at a time (the rows are only 75 stitches). It is not going away, even with a full break so maybe this is the new normal. sigh.

Reading-wise, I stopped into my local library for a bunch of books you lovely ladies recommended and they had none. Not a single book I was looking for. In a few cases they had other titles by the same author, but mostly I struck out. Plenty of other books around but...

They had a table display to theme mysteries. You know the type a shop owner with other things to do happens across a murder and ends up solving it. I decided to grab a few different authors - people I had not before read but whose characters were interested in something I am. I pick a few duds, some I didn't even bother finishing (I used to view that as terrible but I got over it) and some I really enjoyed.

I have read and recommend for a enjoyable read - this is not heavy stuff in any way - Amanda Lee's Embroidery Mysteries (link) and Carol Ann Martin's Weaving Mysteries (link).

Amanda Lee inspired me for my own business. Want to see what I am working on? Check it out at MoonBound ArtisanShip.



  1. I hope your thumb pain is NOT the new normal, I've been having lots of issues with my hands and forearms (RA and too much knitting...) I am slowly seeing healing but my oh my it's taking too long :)

  2. I have had issues all my life, they first checked me for RA when I was five. My husband and I were talking last night. He thinks, as for most of our marriage I have had little trouble compared with before it, that it might be the dietary changes. He has greatly reduced the protein in our diets due to his illness. His diet, and therefore ours, was very protein heavy before. He suggested I try to focus on that at lunch instead of salads and grain based soups. Hoping it helps. It always seems to take so long to heal, especially when we want to be knitting. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. I am fortunate that my library system has an excellent online service - so I can search books from a very large pool and while I do have a list of holds that I am (im)patiently waiting for, usually I have pretty good luck with finding books I like!

    1. That is fortunate. I have a nook but it is very temperamental, so I don't. Usually use it.

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  4. Gorgeous skeins! I especially love the green one..