Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quilting and other projects left too long!

 I started this rag rug years ago, from cut up clothing of the kids and me. I tucked it away and recently in cleaning the giant stack of unfinished projects I found it. I am now trying to get it done. About three rows inside of the pick circle was where I had stopped previously, so I am making great progress. The little pinkish spots outside of that row, were you to look closer are tiny bunnies. I want to find a blue or read shirt to cut up as the other ball of ready to go rags has tiny bears dressed as knights and kings in red and blue.
 Remember how I was going to make one quilt square each month for my mother in law and father, from the Fandom in stitch Hobbit series. These are them for January. I am way behind and these were and absolute beast, but they are done and I am told they are the most difficult in the whole series. I am turning my MIL's into place mats.  Now if I could just remember how big I made the first place mat...
I hope your creative space inspires you to try new and old things! ~Julia

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