Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday morning

Our cat Racer holding his own protest movement. I have been getting the pack and play out for our friend's baby to use when they visit. Racer is certain it is for him and when I mentioned taking it down he hopped in to prove his point.
Mom is still in hospital but is starting to feel better.

The weekend included many fun things.
The kids are all on the US Junior Scale Modelling Team and we had a meeting and met the new girl - very talented - and had a demo on diorama building.
Then we went home and cleaned house. It really needed it. You know you have put it off too long when your friends comment on how nice it looks and how hard you must have worked.
We had friends over to play board games. Ages ranged from 10 weeks to well we will leave it at solidly adult. Jimwas not moving quickly - we are fairly certain he broke something in his foot playing with Badger - so I made the bulk of the food we served. We had a veggie tray, cheese and sausage (he made those) along with chips and crackers. I made chicken wings, rumake, bacon wrapped toast, onion tart, cheese tart, and peanut brittle. We played Between Two Cities, Elder Sign, and Mari Kuro. By the time that was finished most everyone had left and it was 2am. I went to bed but Jim and a friend stayed up, I am told until 5.
We managed to get up in time to wake Beaver in time for work. He works at a nearby grocery store, is saving for college and a car, and learning about money. I hope not the hard way, but despite my best efforts really seems to value things for their price tag, rather than true worth. I hope this goes away as he grows up.
I did some work on the dye porch. More on that on my business blog!
Then I took the girls shopping. Butterfly has a recital today and needed a new dress. She really wanted to go to Kohl's - I didn't as while they have nice sales the price point is higher - and Badger needed shoes. Really both girls needed shoes. I got sucker into getting a dress for both of them but they were very reasonable about looking at items that were on sale or on the clearance rack. I expected Butterfly to pick the pink floral dress she tried on. Pink is her jam, and it looked nice on her. I further expected Badger to go for the gold lace one, as she is very into gold right now. I was super pleased to discover that (they did the fitting rooms like a style show and came out in their final selections) both surprised me. Badger chose a bright pink cotton knit dress because she explained that it was a more everyday kind of fabric and she could use the dress more. Butterfly selected a electric blue chiffon dress, it honestly looked the best on her, I was surprised that she overcame her color preference to select it. Then to the shoes. we took too long - all be it having fun - shopping for clothes and the shoe store was closed. So we went to target. They claimed to be running a sale, that did not appear on my receipt, and they were very picked over. Butterfly found 3 pairs of dress shoes and only had trouble deciding. No regular shoes to be had. grr. Badger could not decide, and really could not find anything that fit well. after an hour, she tried on and like the white eyelet lace dress shoes. Sigh. so not a good idea. But by that time my brain had melted - hence not dealing with the sale not ringing up right then. They love them. Did I mention that the dresses together were nearly the same price a one pair of shoes!

Hope you had a fun weekend!~ Julia

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