Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yummy food and a longish day

Feather weight bread rising from a bowl made by my mother in law.
 I wish I could tell you that we ate healthy homemade food today, much like what I am showing today, unfortunately the lure of knitting with other ladies at my local yarn store and needing to get a few things from the store(s) led us to the temptation of store bought doughnut holes and McDonald's.
Ham & Bean soup which we had for lunch on Tuesday, also in a MIL made bowl - a smaller one though.
 The burger was tasty but the doughnut hole were sticky and oddly lemony. Oh well, Badger and I had a nice time, both with the shopping and crafting.  She made these cute yarn pumpkins and I worked on my socks and got a bit of help on a bead soup necklace (more on that tomorrow as the light is bad for pictures tonight.)
I meant to take a picture of the bread fresh out of the oven, but I blinked and all that was left of two 20inch loaves was this.
I really dislike that I planned so poorly today, as I don't want the extra junk in my diet and I think happy meals tend to make my children un-happy in the long run. We had a nice day, but there is a bit of tarnish on it for the loss of good intentions.

I hope that you are finding your days long enough to get everything done and live to your convictions. ~ Julia


  1. Heh. Tonight was a junk food dinner for us as well. I needed to go grocery shopping, so when I got home we had frozen pizza, taquitoes, and sushi. Not my finest hour, but we're all fed now. (: