Monday, November 19, 2012

Yum and a busy weekend

Coddle - this is a yummy soup my husband makes.
 One year my husband was looking for something to serve on St. Patrick's day that was not corned beef and cabbage as we would be eating that on Tuesday with company. He read a lot of recipes for Dubin Coddle and his is his adaptation of all of those. Bacon, sausage fried in bacon grease, potatoes, onions, cream. Basically it is cream of the yummiest bits of pork soup.

Bead Soup necklace
 Crocheted then braided bead on wire necklace, it was a lot of fun to make. Christmas present.
Brown and pink bracelet and earring set.
 Friday I beaded, a lot. My husband is from a large family on both sides, he has cousins as young as our oldest.  These sets are for them.
Purple and turquoise bracelet and earring set.

Green, hematite, and pale blue bracelet and earring set.

Earrings to go with the first bead soup necklace.

First beaded chain of second bead soup chain. 

Pasta Carbonara - Friday's lunch
All that hard work deserved a nice treat and a great way to use up leftover pasta.  Off to knit, I think I need three more sets of arms to get everything done in time.... 35 more days.

I hope all your projects are going smoothly and all your presents are done and wrapped! ~ Julia

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