Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yarn Along - a late entry

Joining Ginny, very late, for the Yarn Along.

I was busy finishing this shawl for (oh wait she reads this), it still needs it's ends woven and I am going to block it in hopes of fixing it's wingspan issue. It is hugely long. Like touching the floor while hanging from my shoulders, but I think it will be nice when she is sitting with most of the shawl on her shoulders and lap and not so much under her. It is made from leftover balls of my grandma's yarn that my grandpa mailed to me after her death.

The Badger and I went to the library today. We hit the knitting section and I grabbed a huge armful of books then we went upstairs to the children's section. After selecting her books she played in the play area, while I whittled down my selections. I got it down to half. I am reading The Knitting Sutra by Susan Gordon Lydon and thoroughly enjoying it. The plan is socks for myself and a hooded sweater for Mouse.


  1. I may have to get that book from my local library - the title alone sounds interesting.