Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yarn along - habits and panic

Late again! Thanks for hosting the yarn along, Ginny.

 I found this yarn at St. Vincent's for 79cents a skein, I bought all ten! Mouse wants a hoodie sweater and I was going to use the pattern I posted last week, but I started (and finished) reading the Knitting Sutra and found myself slapping my head in a huge duh! moment when she started talking about gauge. The light over my head (mocking me) was oh course the stitches per inch thing could be used to build the garment not just to verify the yarn selection. DUH! And when I got over (mostly) feeling rather dumb and was filled with a sense of freedom. So I kept the 3 rows knit followed by a row of purl stitch pattern from the sweater pattern I spent hours looking for and then ditched the rest. I am building the sweater from the bottom and having a great time. Oh and I get a huge smile and a huge from my Mouse every time he sees me working on it.
I have been wanting to make myself some socks for a while now, so I grabbed this book at the library - like The Knitting Sutra I may need to buy it - and am knitting up a pair of sample socks to get the technique.  I even when along with the knit each one a different color to practice thing.  I am enjoying the socks and looking forward to making them in much small yarn! The kids are all hoping the socks end up sized right for them - and I will have to make a second practice set to have matchers. So one of the kids is getting two pairs of wool socks.

I finished the second book in Nora Roberts Brides series this morning. It is a charming read. I like how she can make the characters seem as real as a close friend, but they are a bit cookie cutter. group of female friends + group of male friends (sometimes plus conflict) = number of heartwarming book equal to the number of men and women we started with. That sounds harsh and she does do other work which I also like but it is not really meant to be, I like them, tied up with a bow.

Habits - I am sorry it is getting to be a habit to think about posting more than to post - I hope to improve.

Panic - 60 crafting days until Christmas!

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