Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yarn Along - sweater skirt

Joining with the Yarn Along at Small Things, Thanks for hosting Ginny!

 I am knitting a skirt for Butterfly as a fair challenge. We were given the fuffy yarn there - it is called Tutu by Berroco - and have to use it in something, either knit of crochet that shows it to good advantage and uses most of the two balls! So we will see.

I am crocheting actually two baby blankets using the same pattern (two day blanket) but two completely different yarns.  I ran out of yarn on the other and am waiting for the order to come in.  I find the traditional baby yarn one above to take longer and not look quite a nice.  Both are very soft and washable.

I am reading Thyme of Death by Susan Wittig Albert.  I am most of the way through and thoroughly enjoying it. It is about a lawyer who decided to change her life, slowing down and enjoying it, she now sells herb in a small shop in a small town.  It is a murder mystery as well.  I just happened to notice the puny tittle while walking past the stacks in the library.  So glad I got the second in the series at the same time.  I recently read The Urban Homestead, it was a great inspiration all about starting now and not waiting until you have your farm or the 'perfect' plot of land.  
Though I would include a shot of the finished throw that I was working on last time I join the yarn along.  I hope you projects are going well! ~ Julia


  1. I think my husband has the Urban Homestead. I have not read it yet though. I love the colors you chose for the crocheted blanket!

    1. Donna, it is great and arranged so that it is easy to skip chapters that are not of interest.