Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fair projects

This is what I entered.  The boys did very well and Mouse is now an apprentice on the competition team that Beaver is on.  I had to leave everyone home to bring it all home, next year I am may need a truck... the boys both do train sections and this year a few people did not show up so to run the train we had to bring in our sections from previous years.  Three trips to bring it all there only one to get it home.  The dress is the one I made for the steampunk themed wedding.  Fair is done! time to start preparing for the one I grew up at, the family has been camping at that one since I was two the whole extended family would stop by and my Grandma and her sister would park their trailers and it would be a week long family gathering.  They are both gone now, and the family in that sense has moved further away but Mom & I still do it.  

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