Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yarn along - long pink days

Linking up with Ginny at Small Things for the Yarn along, check it out.

 I am crocheting this blanket for my husband's cousin's baby.  Baby A is born and beautiful and growing faster than this blanket.  The blanket is about 16 inches square right now.  It is soft and pretty but tiresome and I have so many other projects! (That I would rather, and in some cases really need to be working on instead.) I am reading The Race by Clive Cluster, I enjoy his books this is a historical fiction set at the beginning of manned flight.  His normal stuff is a bit faster paced action save the world science fiction, maritime science.  I am also reading about spinning and weaving.
 Here is the skirt for Butterfly that I was working on the last time I yarn along-ed.  I will be entering it into the fair challenge. Oh and I really do not like tutu yarn, it took about 7 hours to pull all the fluffy stuff to the right side of the skirt! Butterfly thinks it is beautiful though and that is what matters.
My Amazing Father made these Oak, Walnut, and Maple crochet hooks.  These are prototypes he is planning on going in to business selling his wood-crafting work. They are sitting on a wool scarf I knit, 3strands at a time for extra warmth, for my cousin for Christmas.

Knitting and Crocheting along to see what is in everyone else's workbaskets. ~ Julia


  1. It sure is hard to stay on a project when it begins to feel like work.
    Beautiful hooks!

  2. I know exactly how you fee about your blanket, I just cannot commit to anything bigger than my hand at the minute!!! The tutu IS beautiful, and I've a wee one who would be tickled pink by that, but yes, that yarn is HARD WORK. Oh, and those hooks: I do hope he is planning on having an online shop!! I have 2 handmade wooden hooks, and they are treasures X ~ Emily (

    1. We are working on convincing him of opening an online shop. He will be selling his stuff on consignment at a local yarn store starting in Sept!

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    1. Thanks, reading all the nice comments really warmed my mom & dad's hearts. Dad is busily making ever prettier ones!